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Best For Rent Signs and Real Estate Sign Frames

When I first started in the rental property business, I didn’t really understand how to properly expose my rental to the market. Through experience, I’ve learned how to advertise and which forms of advertising gives you the most bang for your buck.

For rent signs planted in the yard of your rent house is still one of the cheapest and best forms of advertising for your property.

Below you will learn which for rent signs and real estate sign frames to buy. As well as, how to protect your signs from theft and vandalism.

For Rent Signs

There are two key aspect of all effective “for rent signs”, design and placement. Design will draw attention to your sign. Whereas, placement of your signs will lead to proper exposure, which leads to higher interest in your rental property. Higher interest in your property ultimately leads to more applications. More applications leads to a better chance of getting your property rented to a qualified tenant in the shortest time.

Next, you will learn both how to design, place and where to purchase your for rent signs.

Designing your rent sign

The number one goal of any sign is to get noticed. In my opinion, using a reverse negative (white letters on dark background) is the most noticeable color scheme. A reverse negative scheme, seems to draw the attention of the reader better than any other design.

You can put all kinds of cute graphics on your sign, but nothing should draw the reader away from your main message “House for Rent”.  Secondly, your contact phone number. So, the largest print should be “House For Rent” and the second largest print should be your phone number.

As long as these two primary components are easily noticeable, you can personalize your sign any way you want. You can add graphics, logos and website info etc. Just remember, never detract from your two primary components.

Watch video below to determine how large your letters should be.

Sign placement

Obviously, you start with putting a For Rent Sign in the yard of your rental property, but don’t stop there. Even if you’re on a major highway, you can still guide people to your rental property from all crossroads leading to your street.

For Rent Sign

Additionally, you can place an arrow sign with the words “home for rent” pointing the way to your rent house.

All of my rentals are in residential areas. Therefore, I lead traffic in from primary traffic arteries to the street my rental property sets on with arrow signs. Then, I place one primary sign on each corner of my block pointing to the house for rent. I feel like this gives my property the maximum of exposure possible with street signs.

Where to buy for rent signs

There are online places you can design and order your for rent signs. Additionally, you can go to a local sign shop and have them custom made.

What I do is order sign blanks online. Then take them to my local sign shop and have them custom make it for me (order sign blanks here) .

However, the cheapest way is order signs online that already say Home for Rent. These have a space to write your phone number. (Order these signs here) This method works just fine. However, if your trying to build your own brand, I recommend using your local sign shop.

Real Estate Sign Frames

Why you should choose more durable sign frames.

All signs are not created equal. Consider this, you pull out your sign and try to push it into the ground, but the ground’s too hard. So, you grab your trusty hammer and start pounding it into the ground, what happens to your sign? Obviously, it can’t handle this abuse for very long so it gets bent out of shape if not totally broken.

Real Estate Sign Frame

Therefore, you need a sign frame that is durable and designed to be driven more easily into the ground. Now, some cheaper sign frames are just a piece of angle iron that is flat on the bottom. The bottom part needs to have an angle tip to make it easier to drive into the ground.

Also, the thickness of the steel has a lot to do with it durability over time. Although thicker steel lasts longer, I recommend using a wooden block as an impact barrier. A wooden block between your hammer and your expensive sign will prevent damage.

When to use cheap real estate signs.

house for rent sign with h frame

Remember earlier I mentioned arrow signs? I use cheaper arrow signs with flimsy wire called “H frames”. I post these signs on street corners leading to my property. Why, you may ask, because purchasing enough expensive signs to properly expose your property would not be cost effective.

Consider this, if you purchase the most durable sign frames along with the cable locks, how expensive would that be? Yes, you may loose a few arrow signs. But, it’s cheaper to replace these than to purchase the most durable sign frames with the cable locks.

But hey, if professional image is your primary concern, buy the best sign frames and locks.

Protecting your signs from theft and vandalism

Early on in my career I lost quite a few rent signs to theft and vandalism. I have one property that is located far from where I live in a relatively secluded area. Because of its location, it seems to attract vandals who take joy in stealing signs. So, I lost time replacing the sign, replacement cost and exposure lost until I realized my sign was gone…UGH!

Real Estate Sign Frame Locks

Therefore, I needed to come up with a way to save my time and my signs. So, I purchased cable locks long enough to secure around a small tree or post. Perhaps, your property does not have a post or tree. In this case, buy a tie down anchor you can twist into the ground to fasten your cable lock to. You can find spiral tie down anchors here

Tie down anchor

Additionally, you can also place a sign in a street facing window of your property. Although, this is not the best exposure placement, it will give you some advertising if your sign does get stolen.

Pictured above is the type of cable lock I use to secure my signs. It’s actually a bicycle lock. They are long enough to attach the sign to a decent size post or tree. I carry the key in my key case along with the rest of my property keys. If you’re in need of a good key case see my article on best portable key cases here.

Here’s to years of cheap effective advertising.

To sum it up, choosing the right for rent signs and real estate sign frames is important. Following these sign recommendations will lead to years of inexpensive advertising.

One thing I would like to add. Be sure to collect all your signs and store them after you’ve rented your property. You would be amazed at the number of signs lost due to not picking them up.

I hope you’ve found this article helpful. If you have any questions or have some personal experiences you want to share, please leave a comment below.

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