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Do you have a lot of keys that you need to carry with you? Are you looking for an organized way to access the keys you need when you need them? As a landlord, I have several keys I have to carry and keep up with. Hence, I searched for the best portable key case I could find. Learn which portable key organizer is right for you.

When looking for a portable key organizer I first considered a portable metal key case, but decided on a portable zippered key case instead. Because, the metal key case would not hold keys in place properly according to customer reviews.  So the only question I had left was which portable zippered key case I should purchase?

Best Portable Key Case

24 or 48 portable key case?

Depending on your need, you can choose either a 24 or 48 key case. I found 3 brands and 2 of the brands offered the choice of a 24, while all 3 brands offered a 48 key organizer.

The 48 portable key case measures 8.88 x 11.88 x 1.38 Inches. While, the 24 key case measures 9.5 x 7.7 x 1.8 inches. You will easily fit either portable key case under your seat or wherever is most convenient for you.

Portable key case comparison

PM Company portable key case offers both a 24 and 48 portable key organizer in zippered cases.  The price for this case was double that of its competitor. Additionally, when I compared the reviews, I found the same benefits and problems were nearly the same.

Common complaints were that the zipper was difficult to use and would get stuck. Some customers found work a around to the problem.

You might think that the case is a better quality because of it’s higher price, but I don’t think so. Because, when looking at the materials used and the customer reviews, you can see that the seller is just trying to position themselves as the premium brand using higher price. Therefore, you would be better off looking at the lower priced offers.

Steelmaster portable key case has a zippered 48 key case and the price almost half of that offered by PM company. Additionally, steelmaster offers the same quality and has brass reinforced corners. Also, the cover is made of vinyl just like the one from PM company.

Zipper problems was mentioned repeatedly by customer rating this portable key case. But, as stated earlier, this is a common problem with all portable zippered key cases.

Portable key case Velcro Key TagThe key tags stay in place by using Velcro. You won’t have to worry about keys falling out of place while handling. However, I did see one customer who reported the Velcro coming apart from the tag, but was easily glued back. Overall I like the Velcro key tags. And, if you need to you can purchase extra Velcro key tags here on Amazon

MMF Industries offers a portable key case that holds only 24. For most people this is all they will need. The MMF Industry case is virtually the same in looks and materials used as the one offered by Steelmaster.  Hence, it depends on whether you need a 24 or 48 key case on which one you choose.

It all came down to two options

You can eliminated the PM company portable key case, because there is no need to pay the higher price for the virtually the same product. Therefore, it just comes down to the Steelmaster or the MMF Industry case.  So, which portable key organizer you choose depends on your needs.

Perhaps, you only need a 24 key zippered portable key case. Or, if you anticipate growing your business, you would have plenty of room to expand if you purchase the 48 key case. Otherwise, just buy the portable key case the size you need.

MMF Manufacturing 24 key portable case features and benefits.

  • Portability: With a footprint of only 9.5 x 7.7 x 1.8 inches you will have no best Portable key case 24 keyproblem carrying or storing your portable key case.
  • Zippered: You won’t have to worry if your going to loose keys while your carrying them from place to place.
  • Key Holder: Case holds up to 24 key buy using a hook and loop fastening system (Velcro key tags).  Your keys will stay in order saving you from having to rifle around to find the key your looking for.
  • Reinforced corners: The corners on this key case are reinforced with brass. Protecting the most vulnerable corners should help give you more years of reliable service.
  • Covering: The materials on the covering is made of leather like vinyl. Therefore keeping it clean and looking good will be easy for you as long as you don’t abuse it.

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Steelmaster 48 key portable case features and benefits.

  • Portability:  You will be able to easily carry this case anywhere with best portable key case 48 keymeasurements of only 8.88 x 11.88 x 1.38 Inches
  • Zippered: You won’t have to worry about losing your keys or find them shuffled while traveling.
  • Hook & Loop key tags: (commonly know as Velcro) Velcro Key tags will stay in place and neatly organized. You won’t have to worry about sorting through your keys to find the key you need when you need it.
  • Brass Corners: Brass reinforced corners will give you added durability during transport.
  • Vinyl Case: Taking care of your case will be easier with vinyl due to it’s wash ability. You can keep your case looking presentable for a long time.

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Customer questions and answers

When it came to questions there were only two.

  1. On the 48 portable key holder the question was asked about what it’s true size was when it’s full and closed. The answer we 12″x 8.75 x 1.4.
  2. What would you recommend to write on the tabs so they can be wiped off in the future? There were several answers but they said use a removable paper sticker to write on, then remove the sticker when needed and change it.

While these portable key case systems have their flaws, they are still the best solution available. I can deal with having a portable case with a sticky zipper, because I think it’s just a matter of getting use to the way it works. Also, one solution is to add a small lanyard to the zipper to make it easier to pull. However, I’m not dismissing the fact that the manufacturer of these portable key cases should find a better zipper solution, it’s just not a deal breaker for me.


Okay so I decided to purchase the MMF portable key case that holds 24 keys and so far I have found it to be perfect for what I need. It was easy in all aspects. Even the zipper was easy to open and close. The keys fit nicely and I am having no problems with the Velcro key tags. I’m very happy with this portable key case.

Overall customer rating

  • Features
  • Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Value


PROS Either one of these key cases will get the job done. Zipper keeps keys from getting lost. The hook & loop will key keys organized making them easier to find. Best of all it’s portable and has a small footprint which is easy to store and carry.

CONS Zipper definitely needs to be redesigned. Hook & loop (Velcro) can come apart from plastic key tag but is easily fixed.

Overall, I think this product will do just what it is intended to do, keep your keys portable and organized.

Stop rifling through your messy keys. Get your portable key case today.


I hope you have found my review of the best portable key case helpful. Have you had experience with any of these products? Or, perhaps you’ve had better experience with a different portable key organizer?  I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Maybe you have a question, if so please leave a comment and I will be happy to help.

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