IWISS F1807 PEX Pipe Crimping Tool Kit

Best PEX Crimping Tool Review | 2018 Top 5

You need a crimp tool but not sure which one is the best PEX crimping tool. Or, maybe you’re not sure which PEX tool features you should look for. Either way, today you will learn all about the best PEX crimp tools available so you can decide which one is right for you. Let’s get started with the best PEX crimping tool review.

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Best Basin Wrench 2018 | How to use a basin wrench

It’s hard to reach behind all the plumbing and sink to get to where the supply line connects to the faucet. That’s why every do it yourself landlord needs a basin wrench in their toolbox. Find out which wrench is the best basin wrench to use that will work for the different situations you will encounter. Also find out how to use your basin wrench.

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unclog kitchen faucet

How To Fix Clogged Faucet | Unclog Kitchen Faucet

Do you have a clogged faucet that’s flowing slowly or not at all and not sure how to fix How to fix clogged faucetit?  Do you want to do it yourself without having to call the plumber?  Sometimes as a landlord you’re going to come across this problem. Don’t do like I did and replace the faucet before you try this fix. I’ll show you how to fix clogged faucet and supply lines and it’s not that hard.

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zurn pex crimping tool kit

Zurn Pex Crimping Tool Kit | Should You Spend Your Money on This Tool?

Have you ever had to replace frozen and busted PVC pipe?  Nothing like having to crawl under a house in the middle of winter, often in tight spaces, to replace a busted water pipe. Now days, most do it yourselfer’s and landlords have learned to use Cross-linked polyethylene otherwise known as PEX pipe. But, there is a specialized tool you will need for the job called a crimping tool. One of the most popular set’s is the Zurn pex crimping tool kit.

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