Orthene PCO Acephate Pellets

Where to Buy Orthene Insecticide | Should I Do My Own Pest Control?

Have you ever used a professional pest control service but the bugs don’t die? Did you know that you can purchase the same professional strength chemicals the professionals do? In this article I will show you where to buy Orthene insecticide and more.

First, let’s start with this; Orthene works! In this article I’m going to share with you why your pest control service may not be working, how you can do your own pest control and where to buy orthene insecticide.

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zurn pex crimping tool kit

Zurn Pex Crimping Tool Kit | Should You Spend Your Money on This Tool?

Have you ever had to replace frozen and busted PVC pipe?  Nothing like having to crawl under a house in the middle of winter, often in tight spaces, to replace a busted water pipe. Now days, most do it yourselfer’s and landlords have learned to use Cross-linked polyethylene otherwise known as PEX pipe. But, there is a specialized tool you will need for the job called a crimping tool. One of the most popular set’s is the Zurn pex crimping tool kit.

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Best Carpet for Rental Property – Tenant Proof Your Property!

I don’t recommend using carpet unless you have no other choice. Carpets hold dirt, body fluids and have to be changed often because of damage and/or bad odors in your rental property. Maybe it’s the only flooring that makes sense in your situation, or maybe your local market prefers carpet. So if my reason’s to not have carpet is not enough to convince you not to use it, and you still want to know the best carpet for rental property … let’s move on!

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most durable vinyl flooring

Most Durable Vinyl Flooring – For Rental Properties

It’s frustrating to discover the vinyl floor you installed not that long ago is damaged, ugly and needs replaced. Replacing your vinyl flooring is costly and time consuming.ripped vnyl flooring Therefore, installing the most durable vinyl flooring you can afford is the solution.

Learning which vinyl flooring will be the most durable and cost effective will save you a lot of replacements down the road.

So, when it comes to choosing the right floor consider what your needs are . Whether you’re installing the floor for your home, doing a flip, or putting it in a rental property, you still want the most durable vinyl flooring you can afford. Here we are going to cover different vinyl floors for different budgets and situations.

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